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It can change the way you feel instantly.

It can melt your anger, your frustration, and your sense of victimhood. It can jolt you, changing your perspective to one that is less fearful, less pessimistic.

It is human touch and It is that powerful.

Whenever possible my wife and I hold hands when we are out of the house. It started when we were first together and has become our ‘normal’ thing to do. It feels odd and uncomfortable when we don’t hold hands.

Holding her hand does all those things listed above and more. It changes me.

I understand that not all cultures, or individuals, are comfortable with public displays of affection and that’s okay, I get it.

I’m sharing what it does for me as a man in what I believe is an affection deprived world.

I believe the world would be better if more people were brave enough to show how they feel about their partner. More affection leads to less aggression, less feelings of isolation, and most importantly, a feeling of connection.

I have no plans to stop holding hands with my wife in public. I know it is good for me. I hope you can experience the benefits as well.

Happy Hand-Holding!

Below is a link to a video.


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