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Rick is an author of the unique ‘personal development’ novel, The Shift Squad. He is a passionate writer, public speaker, and thought leader – sharing his experiences and perspectives as a man. Rick is a certified NLP Practitioner, trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and is a SMART Recovery Facilitator.

Who was Rick?

Rick lived and breathed a middle-class corporate life with all the trappings and pleasures that went along with it. He appeared to have it all: family, cars, homes, career, and a pension on the way.

Yet, he was a mess.

He struggled with relationships, his health, integrity, authenticity, honesty, anger, unhealthy habitual behaviours, and a general frustration with life. He felt desperate, inadequate, and powerless.

Then over a period of a few months — using anger as a catalyst — he changed everything and everything changed. He had his ‘dark night of the soul’ and came out the other side.

Who is Rick today?

He’s healthier and more at peace. He’s married to an amazing woman who is his best friend. He is inspired to live.

Rick still has his challenges. There are aspects of himself that he wants to improve. He accepts this in himself and strives to be better.

Life is a rollercoaster but now he’s ‘all-in’ for the ride. He no longer ‘numbs out’ or escapes from the uncomfortable aspects of life. Today, he chooses to be empowered, owning his choices and doing his best to face challenges head-on.

Rick is a communicator of his truth. He’ll share with you what he has discovered about being a man in this complicated, intriguing, wondrous, and beautiful world.

It’s imperative for Rick to be real, authentic, open, honest and discuss the uncomfortable, like: pornography, addiction, relationships, and masculinity.

Life is so damn entertaining. Come along for the ride.