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Living in Canada and Costa Rica, Rick Fortier is a writer of fiction and non-fiction,  speaker and teacher – helping men choose to be empowered and to live a life of authenticity and integrity.

He has been a featured guest on podcasts, a guest contributor to various Men’s Wellness websites, a panelist on International Men’s Day Tele-conference on Men’s Mental Health, a contributor toThe Road Movie 2017 (documentary on Men’s Grief) and is a self-published author with a book of short stories entitled 100 Quickies.

Rick shares his perspectives and experiences to help men recognize cultural pressures and encourage men to choose the man they want to be.

Rick’s core values are vulnerability, compassion, honesty, respect and acceptance.

I have stories to tell, experiences and perspectives to share.

How Words Fuel Or Fight Our Feelings Of Inadequacy

It is common for men to feel inadequate. Men are pressured at a young age to adhere to masculine norms.

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Why So Many Men Are Attracted To Addictive Behaviours

What if addiction isn’t about the chemical ‘hooks’? What if, instead, it’s about the cage we’ve built for ourselves?

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How We Are Evolving Beyond Masculinity and Feminism

Humanity is at a crossroads. Feminism and masculinity no longer mean what they once did.

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Too Many Men Are Living In Quiet Desperation

Men are contemplating suicide at ever increasing rates. What is driving men to the depths of despair?

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How To Make Better Choices To Create A Better Life

We’ve all “been there and done that”. Round and round in our heads, thinking and over thinking a pending decision.

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Why We Wait For A Crisis – And What To Do Differently

We all know of someone who’s hit “rock bottom”. Here are five reasons we often wait for a crisis…

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Out Of The Shadow Of Resentment

Once upon a time there was a little boy, who had an older brother.

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The Key To What Makes Men Healthy And Happy

What is it that we as men believe will make us happy and healthy in our lives?

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Redefining Manhood: Part 3 – Inspired To Perspire

Once we know who we are and who we want to be, then the last question to ask ourselves is…

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Redefining Manhood: Part 2 – Purpose Driven

What is a man’s purpose these days? We seem to be getting all kinds of mixed messages…

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