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Living in Canada and Costa Rica, Rick Fortier is a writer of fiction and non-fiction,  speaker and teacher – helping men choose to be empowered and to live a life of authenticity and integrity.

He has been a featured guest on podcasts, a guest contributor to various Men’s Wellness websites, a panelist on International Men’s Day Tele-conference on Men’s Mental Health, is listed as a resource for men on The Men’s List (the best place for men to find help), and the author of the novel, The Shift Squad.

Rick shares his perspectives and experiences to help men recognize cultural pressures and encourage men to choose the man they want to be.

Rick’s core values are vulnerability, compassion, honesty, respect and acceptance.

I have stories to tell, experiences and perspectives to share.

CREATE a New Response from the Feeling of Rejection

You can CREATE a new response when you feel rejected (or any other unwanted emotional reaction).

Why Getting Defensive Is Unhelpful in Significant Relationships – And What to do About It

My mind shut down to what was being said to me. I was on autopilot, waiting for my chance, and I blurted out the word.

6 Keys To A Peacefully Disruptive Relationship

We all desire at least one relationship that is deeply meaningful, one where we are free to be our true self.

Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

To be busy living is ripe with challenge and uncertainty. So many opt for the safer option and are busy dying.

Getting Unstuck – Free eBook

Become empowered by choice and get unstuck with this first in a series of free eBooks.

13 Reasons To Watch 13 Reasons Why

Life is filled with challenges. When we feel alone, they can seem insurmountable.

Insights From 100 Beds in 84 Months

Gone was the daily grind… Life became an adventure, full of travel and jumping into new experiences.

Are You Man Enough?

Modern-day man. Tough, competitive, emotionless. Expression by anger or silence. But what if…?

Are You Photoshopping Your Life?

Human nature: over-emphasizing the wonderful, or exaggerating the hardships. Keeping a ‘level-head’ is difficult.

Are You Emotionally Responsible?

Who is in control? You, or your emotions?