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Feeling Hopeless

What can you do about the problems in the world?

You can feel overwhelmed, sad, and frustrated. And you are not alone these days. There is a simple process to follow to help you navigate the feelings of hopelessness. 

Ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly.


Question #1. Is the situation something I can control?
Yes, I can control it.
Then either:
A. Take some action OR
B. Do nothing, let it go.

No, I cannot control it.
Then ask:
Question #2: If I can’t control the situation, is it something I can potentially influence?
Yes I can potentially influence the situation.
Then either:
C. Take some action OR
D. Do nothing, let it go.
No, I have no influence over the situation.
Then either:
E. Let it go OR
F. You will experience frustration, apathy, anger, hopelessness, anxious, and/or resentment.

I do not consider complaining or promoting vengeance as “taking action”. Complaining is a sign of victim-hood. (i.e. Why isn’t someone else doing something about it?) Vengeance never addresses the underlying problem, it only creates more feelings of ill will.
Taking action means (with deliberate intent) to change something for the better. It is action that is meaningful and inspired and is for the betterment of humanity and our world, to solve a problem.

Letting it go means to really let it go. Accept it for what it is. Stop worrying about it. Stop talking about it. Move on to something else that is more important to you. Don’t waste your time and energy on something that you are not willing to actually do something about.

Take action or let it go, depending on your ability to control or influence. Otherwise you are left with option F, which Eckhart Tolle rephrases as, “All else is madness.”

Practice this simple process to better your mental and emotional well-being.



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