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Welcome to “Redefining Manhood: Part 2 – Purpose Driven”.

What is a man’s purpose these days?

Men seem to be getting all kinds of mixed messages. Are we supposed to be a feminist, yet open doors for women? Is it still okay to like sports and hang out with the guys, or are we supposed to spend all our free time with our family being the model husband and father? Are we supposed to be the main financial provider, work hard and climb the corporate ladder, or share equally in all household and financial responsibilities with our spouse? Are we supposed to share our feelings completely, or “man-up” by being tough and a women’s “knight in shining armour”?

A sense of unease is growing with many men – I was one of them – a feeling of being a bit lost, confused, stuck, or that something is missing.

On top of the mixed societal messages, men are also inundated with the idea that we’re supposed to be “finding our purpose” – the new self-help buzz phrase. What’s your purpose in life? You know, that great big thing that you’re supposed to do so you don’t have any regrets before you die? Ya, that one.

Well I’m here to tell you that not all of us have a great big purpose, and maybe you can stop searching for it. I believe that we all have the a purpose, the same purpose, and it might not be what you think.

Let’s get going… click on the video below.



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