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We all die, but not all of us truly live.

To live fully is to live a life of risk, challenge, and uncertainty. So instead, many choose to live a comfortable existence because it’s all they know, or because they’re held back by uncertainty or fear.

The following three-minute clip from the movie ‘Shawshank Redemption’ brilliantly portrays this concept.



The scene shows two men discussing escaping from a maximum-security prison. Another perspective is that it’s a metaphor for breaking out of a self-imposed institutionalized way of thinking and being.

Often a person will lock himself into a prison of his own making, as suggested in this one-minute video clip from the movie ‘My Dinner With Andre’.


Ultimately only you have the power to change your life. You are responsible and accountable for your choices and for the quality of your life.

Your priorities are based by what you choose to spend your time on.

Are you willing to take risks, follow your dreams and desires, or play it safe by doing what is easy and comfortable? Are you empowered, or do you feel like a victim?

You can break free or be stuck.

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

I write to inspire others to greater self-empowerment, authenticity, and improved emotional and mental well-being.

I am the author of the unique personal development novel The Shift Squad.

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Be Empowered. Make Authentic Choices And Enhance Your Quality Of Life.


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