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He cries at movies
And when his wife is in tears
Feels the sadness of strangers
And shares their fears

Shies away from bullies
Dislikes aggression
Wonders, what is mankind’s lesson?

Tosses and turns in the night
Wondering at times what’s the point to this fight
So much despair
Loneliness and strife
Can anyone make a difference with this journey called life?

Perfumes and pollution assault his senses
Loud noises and stress all leave him with health consequences
Violence, poverty, judgment and racism
So much hatred, confusion and cynicism
Everyone has an opinion
He has no wish to debate with consumerist minions

People need to feel secure in their beliefs
there must be wrong so they can be right
In the history of humanity, this has caused every fight

Corporations own politicians
Our world is at risk
We take and we take
Pillaging and raping our home in space

His heart breaks with how short sighted mankind can be
For next generations and the ramifications
That so many refuse to foresee

Even though we’re on the brink
We burn fossil fuels like they’ll last forever – so we think
Society built on polluting our earth
We won’t change our ways when we can increase our net worth
Renewable clean energy is a solution that he sees
He knows that at the root it’s all about greed

Overwhelming how so few have so much
And how so many have not nearly enough
He’s not interested in competition or the chase for cash
Strives for cooperation, teamwork and solutions that last

News of the world is so exasperating
Sends his heart racing and blood pulsating
Meat makes him ill
Vegetarianism is one way he sends earth goodwill

Gave up alcohol, no pills no pot
Not interested in escaping the clarity he’s sought
The pain of life can be so pronounced
Yet the joy and bliss he will never renounce

There is tenderness in his heart now he’s been freed
No longer locked up by society’s manly creed
There is a price to be paid for all this feeling
That price is what’s needed for a life more fulfilling

Nurturing Father, Husband, Man and Son
He can make a difference in some small way
By being an example and having something to say

Relationships are key
Vulnerable, honest and true
Character can be chosen, integrity and authenticity too

Hiding from his feelings leads to a life of regret
No longer interested in that limiting mindset
Heartbreak and pain are integral to his life course
So are rhapsody, intimacy, beauty, and love
A sensitive man, choosing a life with no remorse




I write to inspire others to greater self-empowerment, authenticity, and improved emotional and mental well-being.

I am the author of the unique personal development novel The Shift Squad.

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