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Round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows…

We’ve all “been there and done that”. Round and round in our heads, thinking and over thinking a pending decision.

Do I take that job, leave this relationship, buy that house, go back to school, become an entrepreneur, quit drinking/smoking, or exercise more?

Or we make a decision but we can’t stick with it. How many times have those New Year’s Resolutions been a bust? We have great intentions, but no long-term follow through.

It’s a common problem, whether second guessing our choices or falling back into old habits.

You’re not alone.

Yet there is no shortage of advice out there: from friends, family, co-workers and self-help gurus. Everyone has an opinion of what you should do and how you should do it: follow your instinct, gut or your heart, flip a coin, follow the crowd, don’t follow the crowd, meditate, hire a coach, etc. etc.

What if there was a simple, elegant, logical method that would provide you with absolute clarity regarding a choice?

What if this method:

  • Explored all aspects of a decision and enabled you to focus on what was really important?
  • Gave you a healthier state-of-mind about your decision?
  • Could be repeatedly used?
  • Motivated and inspired you to carry through with your decision?

What if by-product of this tool is for you to feel empowered and confident with your choices?

Would you be interested?

I was skeptical when I first heard about the tool. But as soon as I put it into action I knew that it would help me.

I’ve used it numerous times for challenging and life-changing decisions:

  • Leaving a career to be location independent.
  • Ending a long-term relationship and starting a new one.
  • Stopping numerous unhealthy behaviours.
  • Downsizing my possessions and choosing a minimalistic lifestyle.

Using the tool created the confidence, clarity, motivation and inspiration I needed to commit to long-term success.

It will do the same for you.

You will be empowered to make better choices in your life. Better choices lead to a healthier quality of life. You will worry less and lower your stress.

Let me show you how.

I will teach you this powerful tool to add to your “dealing-with-life-toolbox” and provide you the “owners manual”. Learn the tool once and use if for the rest of your life.

Stop second-guessing your choices.

Stop the endless merry-go-round of overthinking.

Stop procrastinating from making that decision.

Make your decision, every decision, with clarity and confidence.

Own your choices. Own your life.

Don’t just survive – thrive!

You’re worth it.

Click here to get your free access to the Choice Comparison Matrix tool from Choosing To Thrive.


I write to inspire men to greater self-awareness, to make better choices and create a better life.

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Be Empowered. Make Authentic Choices And Enhance Your Quality Of Life.


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